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Love Susan Book Launch



**Introducing 'Love Susan': A Heartfelt Exploration of Adoption Through the Eyes of the Adoptee**

After the success of her last book, ‘Traced’, author and broadcaster Susan Vickers is set to send readers on an enlightening and emotionally resonant journey with her latest outing, 'Love Susan'. This powerful and insightful work delves into the world of adoption from a unique perspective, of... Read more

Best Author and Broadcaster in Wolverhampton

Susan Vickers is a broadcaster, model, entrepreneur and community champion supporting many local festivals, charities and events.
She broadcasts daily on international radio to over 985k people and uses her platform to talk about and raise issues many of us struggle through daily.
This book has been over 30 years in the making, dealing with family, mental health, identity, and sacrifice. However, with the cultural revolution over the past few ... Read more

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No radio station would be successful without listening to their listeners’ feedback. That’s at least what I believe. My aim is to use your feedback to guide the evolution of my broadcasts to ensure the topics I tackle are the ones you want to hear on the daily. You can see that this works a treat as my customer reviews are stellar, and my listening figures keep growing! Why not give us a try today?

Susan Vickers' First Book

Broadcaster Susan Vickers is preparing to launch her first book and identity and empowerment. She is also a model, entrepreneur, and community champion who supports many local festivals, charities, and events. “I am so looking forward to launching this book which has been 30 years in the making. It is about growing up in the 1970s during a turbulent time and struggling with identity, adoption, and self-worth. I want this book to be my legacy... Read more