Reasons Why People Choose to Foster Instead of Adopt in the UK

Reasons Why People Choose to Foster Instead of Adopt in the UK

Reasons Why People Choose to Foster Instead of Adopt in the UK

Based on the information gathered, here are the key reasons why people in the UK may choose to foster children rather than adopt:

Flexibility and Temporary Nature of Fostering

Fostering provides a temporary home for children without the full legal and permanent commitment of adoption.In the UK, the local authority or birth parents retain legal responsibility, not the foster carer.This flexibility is appealing for those who want to help but are not ready for a lifelong parental role.

Desire to Support Children Without Permanent Family Ties

Some foster carers prefer providing a secure home without making the child a legal and permanent family member.The goal is often to return the child to their birth family, allowing carers to support the child’s needs without deep personal attachment.

Stepping Stone to Adoption

Fostering offers an opportunity to gain experience before deciding to adopt.Carers can support other foster children using their skills without adopting themselves.Shyness 

About Discussing Adoption

Some carers may feel shy about discussing adoption, preferring to focus on fostering.

Desire to “Give Back” Without Full Parental Commitment

Fostering allows people to help vulnerable children without the full personal and legal responsibility of adoption.

In summary, the flexibility, temporary nature, and ability to support children without full parental commitment are key reasons why some people in the UK choose to foster rather than adopt.

Current Trends and Statistics

As of March 2023, there were around 43,400 fostering households in England. The number of family and friends households has increased by 21% since 2019.In 2022 to 2023, around 8,000 applications were received from prospective fostering households. Approximately 75,000 children are in foster care in the UK, with 6,800 needing a foster home.These statistics support the reasons why some people may choose to foster rather than adopt, highlighting the current trends and challenges within the UK’s fostering and adoption systems.

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