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Executive Assistant to Susan Vickers
Julia Farrell contact [email protected]

Meet Julia, a well-known photographer from the Black Country. She is a Wolverhampton Parks photographer who has made a name for herself through her exceptional work. Her first major photography exhibition was held at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival in 2023, and her work is on display in local businesses in Bilston. Julia is the photographer of choice for HMV live music events and music festivals, and she regularly contributes to Bilston Magazine. But that's not all. Julia is also a community champion who volunteers with various charities and local groups in Bilston and Wolverhampton. As the Chair of the Wolverhampton City Fairtrade Partnership and a Dementia Ambassador, she is passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Julia writes poetry to raise funds for Wolverhampton Samaritans and is a strong advocate for fairness and equality for all. 

Her work is an inspiration to us all!.

 Julia Farrell BA (Hons)

Book Services
Samantha Houghton

I specialise in recreating an inspiring story and bringing it to life with passion, integrity and heartfelt emotion. I am partnered with an editor/book designer and publisher to offer you the complete service. From your first thoughts I gain from interviews right through to your printed copy of your book and the digital version on Amazon. Life changing! Writing service for caring businesses such as counsellors, therapists etc. Providing blogs, website text, books, articles

Lucy Talbot
Identity, health and well being..
Prince Robinson

Meet Prince Robinson - a 5-star Chef and entrepreneur with over 11 years of experience in the catering industry. But that's not all - he's also a Level 3 personal trainer and a Level 5 nutrition specialist. With his passion for healthy foods, he has helped numerous families in and around Wolverhampton lead healthier lives. Prince has also been a mentor, guiding those facing mental health and identity challenges towards a more positive path. His commitment towards supporting the younger generation is truly inspiring.

Nicky Haigh

I am delighted to support the work of the Foundation. Susan is such an empathetic professional lady and truly believes that everyone no matter their start in life should be given the opportunities to thrive.

I was adopted in the 1970’s and no from first hand experience that life can be challenging for those in care. I am grateful for all the support I had from my adoptive family and some of the social workers.

It is not always this way this foundation will ensure that those children who aren’t so fortunate can access, support, adventures and learning. Fosterers and Adoptive parents make a commitment to cherish and love children who have not had an easy life and consequently require more time and sometimes discrete help to succeed. Susan will ensure that children and families are supported beyond the work being delivered by the Social Care resources which are often stretched and not responsive enough to the needs of youngsters with more complex needs.

Shaun Boyce

I came from a typical council estate background of the seventies, where education was not in high regard. I left school with basic qualifications and completed a Youth Training Scheme for the following two years.  By the age of eighteen I was self-supported and living independently. Despite being unmotivated to achieve by my peers, I had a strong desire to improve and develop not only myself but my career too.  Through integrity, tenacity and commitment I have progressed to the role of project manager. I regard my positivity to roles and those I work with to be pivotal to in both my personal development and my team’s success

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